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Welcome to rightlydivide!  My name is Ben and I'm the creator of this community.  Please take a moment to read what this is all about.  I assure you, this is not just another Christian community.

I started this community with one goal:  To promote a proper understanding of the Bible.

Now if you're a typical Christian, the idea of studying the Bible probably doesn't make you want to do backflips.  So let me offer a little encouragement by saying, unequivocally:

The Bible is not difficult to understand.

The Bible can be well understood, without contradictions, without confusion, and without having to mangle verses to "make them fit."  This is what this community aims to accomplish for all who truly desire to gain a deeper, clearer understanding of God and His Word.

Let me ask a few questions.  How often do you read the Bible?  Okay, how often do you read the Bible and enjoy it?  Do you get frustrated because some passages just seem so confusing?  Do you often wonder, "What the heck is it talking about?"  Do some verses seem to contradict others?

You don't have to just gloss-over or ignore the parts of the Bible that trouble you.  For many years I would simply ignore the parts that I didn't understand.  For the ones that seemed to contradict, I would come up with some goofy explanation to reconcile them.  I operated this way for the first several years of my Christian life, until I learned a better way.

The Bible does make sense.  It not only makes sense, but it tells an amazing, fascinating story.  Please don't sell yourself short by thinking that you already understand the Bible.  I thought I did, too, but what a pleasant surprise it was when I found out that there was so much more.  There was so much I missed until I changed how I thought about God's Word.

How do you think of the Bible?  Do you see it like a math book, full of strict definitions and tautologies?  Or do you see it like a legal document, laden with commands and rules?  Or do you see it as a complete work of nonfiction literature, penned by dozens of authors, each inspired by God?

The Bible is a beautiful, complete work of literature that is completely true.  It has narratives, poetry, prose, imagery, metaphor, idioms, sarcasm, humor, etc.  To understand the Bible, it's very helpful to first have a basic, but accurate, understanding of God Himself.

Feel free to join up and post your comments or questions.  Remember, the Bible is not difficult to understand!  Together we can learn more about His Word and grow stronger in our faith.

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